What is it?

Nuggetz facilitates simple content management for websites that either don't have database resources or, a full CMS system is overkill for the level of content management required.

Sections of webpages can be made editable using Nuggetz, it integrates easilly with any website design, and is very straightforward to use.

How does it work?

Nuggetz is written in PHP and stores it's data in files rather than a database.

Embedding an editable nugget in your webpage, is as simple as writing a single line of PHP code.

$mynugget = new nuggetz("name");

The editor login can be embedded with this single line of PHP

$mylogin = new nuggetzControl();

Is there a demo?

There is a demo, you can try nuggetz for yourself here.

You can log in to the demo with the following credentials
username: admin
password: password

The demo will periodically refresh, via Cron so feel free to edit.

Where can I get it?

You can download Nuggetz using the link below.

At the time of writing the current version is Nuggetz v2.0.0, which has been tested in IE 7, Firefox 3.5.5, Opera 10.10 and Google Chrome 3.0

Download:- Nuggetz v2.0.0 (380 Kb)

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Contact Us?

Nuggetz is developed by Cheshire web design company Eantics Ltd.

Nuggetz is distributed under the BSD licence.

The premium version of Nuggetz (coming soon) will cost just 20.00(GBP). It will include an online file and image manager.

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